'Ozarks Autumn Panorama - November 2012' courtesy Mark Corder

'Ozarks Autumn Panorama - November 2012' courtesy Mark Corder

What's missing from this picture? Wolves. The American red wolf is the world's most endangered wolf. The Ozarks region was a last stronghold before the species was declared extinct in the wild in 1980. Recently, a once-successful reintroduction effort has collapsed. The red wolf requires additional reintroduction sites and a drastic increase to captive breeding. The red wolf inspired us to action, but we aspire to much more.

The American Wolf Foundation was founded on March 15, 2018 under the laws of the State of Missouri as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are new, we are necessary, and we need your help! We are growing an endowment to provide lasting support to American red wolf and other canid conservation nationwide. A good endowment fund is never tapped. Rather, the principal is invested wisely and the beneficiaries are paid only interest. Endangered species recovery is a decades-long process, and we are the only endowment fund exclusively for wolves.

VISION & Mission

Our vision is to see all American wolf species thriving in the wild and coexisting with humans. Our mission is to unite key stakeholders to ensure conflict-free conservation. We have three primary objectives: Conservation. Awareness. Coexistence.



We provide emergency and grant-based funding to our partners on the front lines of red wolf conservation and scientific research. But we need your help! With 43 facilities in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (“SSP”) alone, many operating on shoestring budgets, we need millions of dollars to fund capital investment like new enclosures, emergency expenses like unexpected veterinary procedures and special projects. Depending on the needs of the SSP, American Wolf Foundation may also build a new facility to increase breeding capacity. This will require land, structures, including lab and clinic, $1 million in fencing... and a whole lot of raw meat.



We promote awareness of the benefits of wolves to a humans and our environment, and of tools available for coexisting with them. Wolves were once so loathed as to be skinned alive, yet historical accounts of American wolf attacks on humans are rare. Reconciling myth with reality has proven difficult. We want to demystify the wolf with education and awareness campaigns for our legislatures and regulatory offices, for hunters, ranchers, and other landowners affected by reintroduced wolves, and especially for the children who will make decisions about these species in the future. Increase your awareness by visiting our About Wolves page.



The ultimate goal of all conservation efforts is coexistence. Public awareness helps. But so does money. We will fund coexistence initiatives for ranchers, hunters and landowners affected by reintroduced wolves. Being proactive, not reactive, to establish coexistence coalitions before conflict arises is what wolves in the wild need most.

Concerned about wolves? We’re here to help! We will adapt to the red wolf a successful model applied to the Mexican wolf. If you are a reading this as a hunter or rancher, we welcome your input. 

Have a coexistence success story to share? Help us spread awareness by becoming a Partner.