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We provide support for American wolf conservation, awareness, and coexistence initiatives, with a special emphasis on the world's most endangered wolf, the American red wolf. Wolves are threatened by habitat loss, prejudice, fear and misunderstanding. Our goal is to protect wolves and our shared habitat, dispel the myths through education, and provide assistance to those affected by reintroduced wolves.



Message from the Founder

Dear Guests, 

I founded the American Wolf Foundation after learning of the plight of the critically endangered American red wolf and that there is no endowment fund exclusively for wolf conservation. It is my dream for our children to see red wolves in the wild. It is my commitment to help humans live in harmony with wolves so that they may be forever wild. I am open to your suggestions and thankful for your support as we build this organization.                

Rachel Guthrie, President & Founder

Other News

Red wolves, declared extinct in the wild in 1980, may have close relatives on Galveston Island! Mystery canids recently discovered there have a high percentage of red wolf DNA. Learn more here and support our efforts to conserve red wolves by making a donation today!

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Our organization is working with communities to find practical solutions for ranchers to coexist with local wolf populations.

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Together we can make a stronger front to strengthen conservation efforts for wolves.

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